Patreon Education & Support 


I am currently developing and preparing to launch my Patreon page to provide vidoes, blogs, photosets and education to the community. This page allows you access to educational and experiential topics ranging from polyamory, sensuality, sexuality, tantra, breath work, yoga/body work, body mechanics and rope bondage techniques through a monthly donation which will vary depending on your donation tier. Along with this educational information you will also get a peek in to my experimental and artistic endeavors as well as exclusive content from collaborations with other rope/body/movement artists.

Each tier will have different pricing to increase accessibility. Whether you want a peak in to my creative life, a glance at a personal practice, a full tutorial or personalized education - there will be a tier for you!

Please join my mailing list to stay in the loop and prepare for the launch of Shakti Bliss Bunny and to continue to receive bunches of FREE goodies!